It is not always easy to find printable educational materials related to nutrition, diabetes management, and diabetes prevention. We hope we can answer some of your questions with materials from “Checking your Blood Glucose” to “Knowing Your Portion Sizes.” Take another healthy living step, scroll through our topics, and share with family and friends!
Understanding your lab report or the advice of your doctor can be difficult with all the different terms and tests. Use the Diabetes Dictionary to look up common diabetes related terms and to facilitate your conversations with your healthcare providers and family.
Welcome to our photo and video gallery! Here we hope you can experience some of the sights and sounds of our community events and learn more about our efforts to promote diabetes awareness and healthy living. In addition, check out our educational videos that teach the proper techniques for checking blood sugar and taking insulin.
Maintaining good health means staying physically active and informed! Community organizations can answer questions you may have, share your interests, and provide you with important information and resources. Learn about local health resources in your community. Sign up for local classes and workshops, attend events, and meet new people! It’ll keep you in great physical and mental shape!