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Registering for a Joslin Asian Clinic Appointment
1.    Call your insurance company to see if you are covered for Joslin Diabetes Center (Joslin is a specialty center).  Find out if referral is needed.
2.    Call Asian Clinic direct line at 617-732-2606 to register.

Please have the following information ready:
- Name, Address, Phone Number, Date of Birth, Social Security Number (if applicable)
- Emergency Contact Name and Phone Number
- Ethnicity and Preferred Language
- Name and Address of Primary Care Physician (PCP)
- Insurance Information

3.    Call your PCP to:
- Fax referral (if necessary) to Dale Snow at 617-309-5705.
- Fax your latest lab records and relevant medical records to the Asian Clinic Care Coordinator at 617-732-2607
Appointment Day
1.    Check in at the desk on the 2nd floor.
2.    Be sure to bring:
- All your insurance card
- All your medications
- Your blood glucose meter and blood glucose records (if available)
- Most recent lab work/medical records (if not already faxed over)
- Asian Clinic folder (will be mailed/emailed to you prior to appt)
If you need assistance, please call our Asian Clinic Care Coordinator at 617-732-2606.