Diabetes in AANHPI: A CALL TO ACTION - 2nd National Conference in VA

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05/18/2012 14:59
America/New York

The Asian American Native Hawai’ian & Pacific Islanders Diabetes Coalition (AANHPIDC) and National Council of Asian Pacific Islander Physicians (NCAPIP) will be hosting the 2nd Diabetes Symposium, DIABETES IN ASIAN AMERICANS, NATIVE HAWAIIANS, AND PACIFIC ISLANDERS: A CALL TO ACTION at Sheraton Crystal City – Arlington, VA on 5/18/2012.

As a Co-Chair of AANHPIDC, Dr. King will present on Status of Diabetes within AANHPI. Dr.Hsu will present on Asian BMI and how diabetes affects the lives of people. Dr. Hsu will also be facilitating a workshop, regarding the Provisional Clinical Management Guidelines for Various AANHPI.

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