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The Asian Clinic at Joslin since 2004
Joslin's Asian Clinic, directed by Dr. William Hsu and associate director Dr. Greeshma K. Shetty is staffed by Dr. George L. King, Dr. Runhua Hou, Ka Hei Karen Lau, our Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator, and Asian Clinic Care Ambassador, tailors Joslin Clinic's exceptional patient care and education model to Asian Americans. As one of the first Asian Clinics in a tertiary setting, we provide comprehensive diabetes care that is truly unique and much needed within the Asian American population. Through linguistically appropriate and culturally relevant approaches, Joslin's Asian Clinic serves to enhance the quality of life and health outcomes for Asian Americans with diabetes.

Joslin's Asian Clinic provides one-on-one appointments with a physician and a dietitian/diabetes educator who are culturally sensitive to the Asian American population.  Diabetes care is offered through a team of endocrinologists, and ophthalmologist, an optometrist, a registered dietitian, a care ambassador, a lifestyle specialist, and a medical assistant.

The Asian Clinic Care Ambassador provides personalized service to our patients at each step of the way.  As a liaison between our patients and the clinic, the care ambassador not only schedules appointments, but also supports the patient with registration, referral, and prescription concerns.

Our team speaks Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), Japanese, Vietnamese, and Hindi.

Clinic Services:

  • Culturally Tailored Medical Treatment Plan
  • Personalized Medication Regimen
  • Traditional Asian Diet Meal Plan
  • Multilingual Educational Tools
  • Asian Social Club: workshops on different topics and walking club at Boston Common

Our supports:

  • Asian Clinic Care Ambassador
  • Asian Clinic Direct Line
  • Personalized Asian Clinic Folder
  • Interpreter Service
  • Weekly Case Meeting

Educational Tools:

  • Drag n' Cook(R) Nutritional Application
  • Asian BMI Calculator​​
  • Diabetes Risk Assessment
  • Diabetes Educational Handouts: diabetes, nutrition, exercise and stress management
  • AADI Pan-Asian Recipes
  • Exercise Tools: pedometer, exercise band
  • YouTube Video Channel: cooking demo, exercise and seminars

Clinic Hours

Joslin's Asian Clinic is in the Joslin Clinic at One Joslin Place (2nd Floor), Boston, MA 02215.
Hours are Wednesdays, 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. and Thursdays, 8:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.​​
For an appointment or more information, please contact the Asian Clinic Care Ambassador.
direct line: 617-309-3444​​
fax: 617-309-3445​
direction and parking options ​​​