About the Asian American Diabetes Inititative (AADI)

In response to the rising rates of diabetes in the Asian American population and the lack of culturally relevant research, clinical care, and education, Joslin's Chief Scientific Officer George L. King, MD and supporters of Joslin Diabetes Center established the AADI in 2000.

The AADI is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and health outcomes for Asian Americans living with diabetes and its prevention through research, education, outreach, and culturally appropriate treatments.

Our Goals

  • Study diabetes in the Asian American population and disseminate Joslin’s research findings to healthcare providers and Asian American communities.
  • Provide diabetes education through innovative and culturally appropriate materials and outreach programs
  • Design and implement clinical treatment programs for Asian Americans
  • Collaborate with local, national and international organizations to raise diabetes awareness
  • Incorporate diverse community voices to promote health equity

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