A Taste of Ginger - We are going virtual!

Culinary and Cultural Experience to Benefit Joslin's Asian American Diabetes Initiative

Calling all foodies … we are bringing Joslin Diabetes Center’s annual A Taste of Ginger event to your home on Sunday, May 16, 2021, from 7:00-8:30 pm. We will still be bringing you the excitement of hearing from some of Boston’s top chefs, the opportunity to hear about the important work of the Asian American Diabetes Initiative (AADI) and the pride of honoring one of our generous contributors. You will enjoy a musical performance and the opportunity to participate in our silent auction. If you chose to sponsor the event, you will also have the option of receiving food from our generous restaurant partners. Best of all, our guests this year aren’t limited to the Boston area. Join from anywhere, you don’t want to miss this event.

A Taste of Ginger was established in 2005 to promote awareness and raise funds for the diabetes care, education, community outreach and research programs of the AADI at Joslin Diabetes Center.

Our patients have no choice but to make diabetes their first priority, we hope you will choose to make it your priority too. This year, we need your support more than ever before. Your sponsorship or gift is important, meaningful, and deeply appreciated. Diabetes doesn’t stop and neither can we.

About the AADI

In response to the rising rates of diabetes in the Asian American population and the lack of culturally relevant research, clinical care, and education, Joslin Research Director George L. King, MD, and supporters of Joslin Diabetes Center established the Asian American Diabetes Initiative (AADI) in 2000.

Goals of the AADI

  • Study diabetes in the Asian American population and disseminate Joslin’s research findings to healthcare providers and Asian American communities.
  • Provide diabetes education through innovative and culturally appropriate materials and outreach programs
  • Design and implement clinical treatment programs for Asian Americans
  • Collaborate with local, national and international organizations to raise diabetes awareness
  • Incorporate diverse community voices to promote health equity

Over the past 16 years, A Taste of Ginger has not only served as a major diabetes education event, but also as a critical fundraiser for the AADI. Since 2005, the Ginger event has raised over $2.4 million driving accomplishments such as:

  • Convinced the Federal CDC to include Asian Americans (AAs) in their national study and the results led the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and American Medical Association to change their screening guidelines for diabetes for AAs
  • Leading the national Screen at 23 effort with the National Diabetes Coalition and the ADA on the increased risks of diabetes among AA which has been adopted by 6 different states including the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Established the Asian Social Club series - seasonal workshops for Asian Clinic patients and their caregivers - to provide practical knowledge and tips to better manage their diabetes
  • Developed culturally appropriate educational materials and clinical approaches to treat diabetes in the Asian Clinic including webinars on the management of COVID-19 for AAs with diabetes

Your generous support will help us achieve the following goals:

  • Empower Asian American communities to better manage or prevent type 2 diabetes by distributing our new bilingual booklet developed to support at-risk communities during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Work with women with or who have had gestational diabetes to prevent developing type 2 diabetes in their lifetime as well as helping their children start off with healthy eating habits and exercises
  • Develop clinical approaches in the Asian Clinic that can delay the progression or even reverse type 2 diabetes in AAs



​Event Ticket Information

When: Monday March 25th 2019 6:30PM-9:30PM

Where: Museum of Fine Arts| Art of the Americas Wing

Event Co-Chairs: Audrey Paek & Leverett Wing

Ticket: $250 Click here to purchase a ticket


Check out the 31 participating restaurants!

Chef Nancy Frattaroli

Chef Dave Becker

Chef Fabio Di Censo

   BLR By Shojo
Chef Brian Moy

Bon Me
Chef Alison Fong

  Cafe Nation
Alvin Tsang

Cambridge School of Culinary Arts
Beth Wittenstein

Casa B
Chef Alberto Cabre

Changsho Restaurant
Chef Wesley Chen

China Pearl Restaurant
Chef Brian Moy

Chinatown Cafe
Chef Raymond Eng

The Chubby Chickpea
Chef Avi Shemtov

Flour Bakery + Cafe
Chef Joanne Chang

    Fuji at Ink Block
Jimmy Liang

Le's Restaurant
Chef Duyen Le

Masala Art
Chefs Shikha and Vinod Kapoor

Mei Mei Boston
Chef Irene Li

MEM Tea Imports
Chef Gilbert Tsang

Modern Pastry
Lea Doherty

Myers + Chang
Chef Ashley Lujares

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Chef Brian Flagg

Night Market
Chef Jason Tom

Chef Tracy Chang

Chef Jeffrey Salazar

Stella Boston
Chef Evan Deluty

Sumiao Hunan Kitchen
Chef Sumiao Chen

   The Smoke Shop BBQ
Andy Husbands

     Summer Shack
Chef Jasper White

Tiger Mama
Chef Tiffani Faison

Twelve Hours
Chef Tarita Charoenvesyangkul

Whaling in Oklahoma
Chef Tim Maslow

​Ginger Photos 2018


Check out press and media coverage of this year's Ginger!

The Improper Bostonian



YouTube Videos

Short interviews and event clips are available on AADI YouTube Channel.

Jasper White
Jasper White (Summer Shack), one of the co-founders of A Taste of Ginger (formerly known as A Spoonful of Ginger) has been supporting this event for years! He has shared his story – how it all started, why this is important for him and what he loves about this delicious and fun event.

Why We Help AADI 
Roman Greer, Lola Tom, and Yuka Kosuga are among the many collaborators helping the AADI to further our efforts of diabetes awareness and healthy living in various communities. They have shared their stories – how they got involved and what they have gained through working together with the AADI!

Joanne Chang 
(Flour Bakery and Myers + Chang) has been supporting A Taste of Ginger (formerly known as A Spoonful of Ginger) event since the very beginning! She has shared her story – why this is important for her and what she loves about this delicious and fun event.

Tsang Brothers
Alvin Tsang (Cafénation) and Gilbert Tsang (MEM Tea Imports) have been supporting this event for years! They have shared their stories – why this is important for them and what they love about A Taste of Ginger (formerly a Spoonful of Ginger) event.


Thank you for your generous support through In-Kind and Sponsorship of this event.