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The Diabetes Reset - Avoid It. Control It. Even Reverse It.​

If you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, you have the potential to reverse your disease. If you are prediabetic, it is within your grasp to stop it from developing.

Based on the most cutting-edge research―including the groundbreaking discovery of brown fat in adults and its role in burning calories and enhancing the effects of the body’s own insulin―The Diabetes Reset translates the latest findings into a plan that will let readers avoid, control, and even reverse type 2 diabetes. The program begins with losing weight―and shows why losing only 5% of body weight makes a life-changing difference. It explains how a good’s night sleep can significantly lower blood glucose levels (and why sleep deprivation works in reverse). It disentangles the carbohydrate confusion, reveals how to decrease the body’s inflammatory response, and explains the importance of moderate exercise. There are eight strategies in all―if you implement only one, your type 2 diabetes will improve. Pursue all eight of them, and you can stop type 2 diabetes in its tracks. You can even reverse it―effectively resetting your body’s glucose metabolism for a long, healthy life.


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The Diabetes Reset is also avaliable in Traditional Chinese. 
Please contact AADI if you want to buy a copy in United States.